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"Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired. "

Based in London and Florence, Future for the Arts specialises in organisational development in the arts and fashion sectors.

We deliver tailored solutions to help cultural organisations, museums, theatre, foundations, artists and creative people alike to move strategically into the future, assess their organisations and build their organisational and communication strategies.


Whether you are an arts centre needing advice to conceive and set up a new exhibition, a small theatre company struggling with fundraising, a national or community museum aiming at broadening up their audience, a charity or an artist, you'll benefit from Future for the Arts' flexible and dedicated approach.

We offer a wide variety of tailored services ranging from the development of curatorial proposals, the creation and management of events, to the research and delivery of bespoke learning programmes.


Our aim is to combine extensive project management skills, artistic intuition and  true creativity to ensure the delivery of exceptional and individually tailored projects.

Our mission is to bring a balanced blend of experience and artistic flair to the conception and delivery of an inspirational and imaginative diverse portfolio of cultural projects, while keeping organisational standards at highest level for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Welcome to Future for the Arts Consulting


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Linda Lieberman: A Sea of Awareness

Galleria La Corte Florence

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