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Duets  <Inside and Outside Nature>


The exhibition Duets <Inside and Outside Nature>, showcasing new works by the Florentine artist Meri Iacchi, brings together photography and site-specific installations responding to the nature of the Iris Garden in Florence, the lavish host environment for the opening of the Chelsea Fringe Festival Firenze.

The art event features a selection of diptychs from the artist’s book Palermo 0-6, that Meri Iacchi developed in 2014 during her 8-month research residency at the Botanic Garden of Palermo. The seemingly contrasting double images portrait the interiors and the exteriors of the garden, engaging the visitor in a personal journey through the natural and architectural landscapes, the intertwined details, the abandoned and marginal sceneries that the artist mapped in her exploration of the site.


Her sympathetic look unearths the meaningfulness of the neglected traces of the past, revealing memories’ potential to reignite the present as well as to re-orientate our connection with the Nature.

The investigation of places and states of mind from an inside-outside perspective underpins Meri Iacchi’s artistic practice, who aims at describing reality as it is rather than reinterpreting it. The tension between the coupled images recomposes the duality of nature and human intervention, hinting at the renovation energy flowing through the biosphere and disclosing the permeability between natural world and human actions.

The exhibit runs at the same time as the last part of the blooming season at the Iris Garden, giving the opportunity to discover the historical park from the unusual viewpoints provided by the display locations, where the photographic images of the flowers echo the hundreds of irises in bloom.


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Duets  <Inside and Outside Nature>

Meri Iacchi

Giardino dell'Iris

Piazzale Michelangelo




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