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"The class helped me a lot and changed my perspective towards my career, as I wanted to work in art market after that.

I interviewed with an auction house in Mumbai, India and got the job. The people in the auction house were really impressed with the topics that we covered in class and the logical thinking that you provided us towards art market. I got placed on a position of  Junior auctioneer, research, content writer and head conservator.

I am glad I chose to take your class.

I hope the students in the future will benefit a lot from your class. You are an amazing person and teacher."

- Aishwarya Chandurkar, former student at Lorenzo de Medici Institute


"I took an Arts Management course and Simona was one of the professors.

I thoroughly enjoyed her lessons, which were well structured and full of information  that she explained in detail, both in Italian and in English, which she speaks fluently.  Simona is a great teacher and is excellent at interactively involving all the students and making the subject come alive. I also worked with her in the one woman show “Sea of Awareness” of an English artist in an art Gallery in Florence, Italy and one of the photographs Simona selected for the show has been chosen as the official image of the Hong Kong Contemporary 2013.  Her skills and expertise combined with her personality make learning with her and working with her  a totally fun,  interesting and knowledgeable experience."

- Jean Matranga, The Global Theatre Project Team- Florence


"I want to thank the course of Exhibition Design and Museum Display Organization as its focus on the UK current contemporary art events practice showed me the huge differences and opportunities relating to the Italian approach.

The investigation on the current art context in London enhanced my interest in the design of a cross-practice event, combining visual and performing arts and gave me both the the idea and the necessary hands-on tools to conceive and organize an original exhibition-event for my graduation project.

Also I'd like to thank all the teachers involved in the course for their valuable competence and, last but not least I'd like to recommend Florence, the cradle of art, as the perfect setting for an art course!"

- Carolina Petrini, Former student at Artedata - Florence



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Future for the Arts | London Firenze | [email protected]

"Simona was very professional. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I'm looking forward to the next session. I also appreciated all the background and history Simona provided!"  “ Two thumbs up! ”

- Rukhsana, Student at The Place - London




"We had an expert teacher. Every step was explained. We did a pavane and galliard and at the end I was sweating. It was exhilarating!"

“ Fun! I have never realised there were so many variations on the steps. ”

— Stephen,  Student at The Place - London


"Simona is a genuine outgoing person and a skilful teacher.

I had the great chance to meet her in Florence during my training in Management of Contemporary Art Events at Palazzo Antinori, and happy to say she made the learning experience unique. I strongly valued her approach and quality of teaching, because Simona is a natural born leader, a cheerful individual as well as a professional and serious educator."

- Rita Palandrani, Former student at Artedata - Florence